The collection: Bolivian Amazonian Chocolate Maca 70 gram


The bolivian collection. In a series of the Bolivian collection, every chocolate represents a part of Bolivia.
This chocolate is flavoured with maca, a traditional plant in the Andes which represents the highlands of Bolivia.
Maca a traditional plant in the Andes is being used as medicine and a superfood nowadays, also known as the Andean ginseng. Maca (Lepidium Peruvianum) is cultivated and harvested by Bolivian Andean communities at 4000 meters of altitude. The flavour is earthy and nutty .

The chocolate is produced in the tropical amazonian part of Bolivia and is made of wild amazonian cocoa.
The cocoa fruits are collected by native Bauré indians in the Amazon in Bolivia and processed in the forest.
The people who harvest the cocoa are paid a high price so they are able to protect the Amazonian forest against deforestation, preserve biodiversity and their culture. The cocoa is fermented and sundried in the forest.
The processed cocoa is transported to the chocolate factory in Santa Cruz in Bolivia, where the organically chocolate is produced in bars. The process of making the chocolate is high-end where the flavours and taste are excellent and reflecting the wild Amazone. The Bauré chocolate is made with its own cocoa liquor.
The chocolate has 65% of cocoa.