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Guatemala Finca Pampojila


Guatemala Finca Pampojila


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The coffee is a Bourbon variety , grows at 1500-2100 m altitude near Lake Atitlan en Guatemala. The plantation is close to a nature reserve with an old tropical forest and a  variety of animals surrounded by three vulcanos

The fruity taste has tones of orange, necatrine, chocolate and nuts.

The roast is medium where the taste is delicious with a full body and delicious aftertaste. This coffee is roasted in our shop at medium level and is good for espresso and perfect for filter (aeropress, drip etc.).


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1000 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram

Type maling

Bonen, espressomaling tbv Percolator, espressomaling tbv Pistonmachine, Grovemaling tbv French Press, Snelfiltermaling