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Huila Colombia


Huila Colombia


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Huila is a coffee produced in southern Colombia by a cooperative of small farmers.  Varieties Caturra and Tipica. Harvest: Oct-Feb  Altitude : 1600 msnm Drying method: washed. CUP PROFILE Aroma Fruity and chocolate, Acidity : Bright, Body Medium, Fragrance Fruity Taste:  Fruity  winey and sugarcane.

After harvesting and selecting the berries by hand, the berries are peeled (dispulped) and taken to the fermentation tanks. During 20 hours the coffee beans are fermented, than washed and dried in the sun on elevated beds.

The micro climate and the location of the plantation results in a very high quality coffee.

Cupping resulted in 87.50 points. A delicious coffee, which is accesible because of its taste and sweetness.

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