Brazil Winners Blend


The Winners blend is a coffee originating from Minas Gerais in Brazil. The project started in 2007 as an initiative of improving the quality, productivity and sustainability of the coffee.  About 350 families were involved at the beginning, now there are over 6000 families participating in the project.

The small farmers have problems as their children want to go to the city to improve their situation. With the project they access to trainings, were succession of the farm, investment and development of the plantation has a key role. Futhermore they have  the possiblity to learn english, cupping (tasting and assessing the quality) and continue the family’s farm.

In 2014 the idea was to help selling the coffee through a contest to choose the best coffee of the smallholders (microlots). The best coffee’s are offered on an auction.

Not all coffee’s wich were offered at the auction were sold. This gave a german coffee roaster Ulli Marseau the idea to buy the coffee of the winners and blend them in a specific way. This is how the Winners Blend started.

The coffee is grown in Minas Gerais Brasil.    Variety: Catuai Bourbon  Harvest:  April-July.   Altitude: 1300 m  Drying Method:  Natural/Washed (60%40%).

CUP PROFILE Aroma: Balanced, Acidity: Medium,   Body : High,  Fragrance: Fruity   Taste: Chocolate, Butter, Nuts Red Fruit,  Tropical Fruit.




Gewicht N/B

1000 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram

Type maling

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