Single Estate Cundinamarca, Colombia


The coffee is grown in the department of Cundinamarca, located on the eastern range of the Colombian Andes. The region has unique microclimates and environments with temperatures averaging 21°C, a relative humidity of 75% and a minimum of 1,600 sunny hours per year. These features make Cundinamarca a land of great biodiversity and ecosystems, with ideal conditions for specialty coffee growing.

Due to the economic, institutional and climate problems that affect the coffee growing industry in Colombia, many local families in the region have been forced to replace coffee plantations with other crops, thus indirectly forcing their newer generations out, towards the bigger cities, in search of better opportunities. The terrain and climatic conditions in this particular region are ideal for producing high- grown specialty coffee, but have been ignored by major coffee institutions.

With NEIGHBORS & CROPS, our coffee relationship program, we created a sustainable coffee production model that is bringing welfare to more than 150 coffee growing families in the region.

1. DIOSITEO TORRES, finca EL MIRADOR, Castillo and Typica variety
2. ROSALBINA BERNAL, finca LAS MERCEDES, Typica variety
3. HERNANDO OVALLE, finca ALTO DE LA CAPILLA, Castillo variety
LOT # HSE 002-13

Altitude : 1600 1650 msnm
Finca El MIrador, Las Mercedes en Alto de Capilla
Fragrance-aroma red berries, `plums and blackberry hints.
Taste: Fruity with hazelnut hints
Varieties Castillo, Typica
Harvest June 2013

Your coffee was picked by LA PALMA & EL TUCÁN´s own “picking team”, a group of people that received a professional training program in special cherry selection, that follow strict parameters of tolerance for the coffee cherries. Fermentation: aerobic (in water) for 19 hours and 20 minutes.
Drying method: natural (sun dried) and mechanical
Cupping by strict protcol : 88 points